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Contact the County Commissioners.

County Administrator: Andrea Calhoon

Administrative Office
Yuma County Courthouse
310 Ash, Suite A
Wray, CO 80758
Mon. - Fri.
8:00am - 4:30pm

Phone: 970-332-5796
Fax: 970-332-3411
Basic Information

Yuma County Government is operated by three Commissioners. They are:

Trent Bushner - District 1 and 2018 Chairman of the Board of Commissioners

Dean Wingfield - District 2

Robin Wiley District 3

The Yuma County Commissioners manage the business affairs of the county, which includes apportioning and levying taxes, overseeing the organization, and budgeting of all county programs. Each of the Commissioners sit on various operating and advisory boards as representatives of Yuma County.

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Upcoming Meetings:
Yuma County Commissioner meetings, at which the adoption of any proposed policy, position, resolution, rule, regulation, or formal action occurs, shall be held only after full and timely notice to the public. The Bulletin Board outside of the Yuma Commissioner's meeting room is the official posting location for all Commissioner and Planning Commission agendas, hearings, and public notices. Work-sessions and meetings   scheduled by the Board of County Commissioners are subject to change and are posted 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

The Yuma County Commissioners hold two regular meetings a month. One is scheduled near the 15th of each month, depending on other meetings or commissioner obligations. The second monthly meeting is generally the last working day of the month. The Commissioners may schedule special meetings.

Regular Commissioner meetings start at 8:00 a.m. and continue through the day until all business has been addressed. Regular meetings and special meeting agendas will be posted 24 hours in advance of the meeting time as required by CRS 24-6-402. A time can be reserved for individuals to speak at the Commissioners meetings, to request scheduling on the agenda; interested citizens should contact the Commissioners administration prior to the scheduled meeting at 970-332-5796.

Times noted on the agenda are an approximate time of when the board will be meeting with the party scheduled. The Commissioners reserve the right to hear agenda items in any order.

Meetings and work-sessions scheduled by the Board of County Commissioners are open to the public. Executive Sessions can be called during any meeting posted as a public meeting but not work-sessions. Executive Sessions will be closed to the public as outlined in the Colorado Revised Statutes 24-6-402.

Administrator Andrea Calhoon can be heard at open periods of time throughout the day. The Administrative report can include but is not limited to: discussion of calls, correspondence, personnel issues, and presentation of documents for approval; i.e., resolutions, intergovernmental agreements, well permits, grants, and similar documents for approval and signature.

The Yuma County Commissioners are invited and often attend the same meetings, and in order to save county mileage expenses, the Commissioners may travel together to these meetings. Meetings to which the Commissioners are invited are not posted at the Commissioners' bulletin board.

The following list are meetings where any combination of two Commissioners, or where all three Commissioners may be traveling together. You may check at the Commissioners' office as to the specific date of the next meeting for any of the following:

Regular Monthly Meetings
  • Yuma County Landfill
  • Yuma County Fairboard
  • Northeast Colorado Health Department
  • Centennial Mental Health
  • Developmentally Disabled
  • E911 - Communications Board
  • W-Y 911 Authority Board
  • Northeastern Colorado Transportation Authority
  • Economic Development
  • Northeastern Colorado Association of Local Government
  • County Planning Commission

Meetings scheduled as needed
  • Golden Plains Extension
  • Colorado Counties, Inc.
  • 13th Judicial District Review Board
  • Regional Commissioner Meetings
  • Meetings between the City of Wray, the City of Yuma, the Town of Eckley, and the Yuma County Commissioners
  • County Technical Services, Inc. [Insurance meetings]
  • CCI Summer Conference
  • CCI Winter Conference

The above listing is not an all-inclusive list of the meetings attended by the Yuma County Commissioners. Because of their position, the Commissioners are invited to many meetings and functions in the community and throughout the region.

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Yuma County Commissioners - Minutes will be posted on the website only after being approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

2013 Minutes2014 Minutes2015 Minutes2016 Minutes2017 Minutes
January 15 January 14 January 13 January 15 January 17
January 31 January 31 January 23 January 29 January 24
February 15 February 18 February 5 Special Meeting February 16 February 7
February 28 February 28 February 13 February 29 February 14
March 18 March 12 February 27 March 15 February 28
March 29 March 28 March 16 March 22 (Special Meeting) March 20
April 15 April 15 March 27 March 31 March 31
April 30 April 30 April 6 Special Meeting April 15 April 14
May 16 May 15 April 14 April 29 April 28
May 31 May 30 April 30 May 16 May 15
June 14 June 16 May 15 May 31 May 22
June 28 June 30 May 28 June 14 May 31
July 15 July 15 June 15 June 30 June 14
July 31 July 31 June 30 July 15 June 30
August 15 August 15 July 14 July 29 July 14
August 30 August 29 July 21 Special Meeting August 15 July 31
September 16 September 15 July 23 Special Meeting August 31 August 15
September 30 September 30 July 30 September 14 August 21
October 15 October 16 August 13 September 30 August 31
October 31 October 31 August 31 October 11
November 13 November 17 September 15 October 17
November 27 November 26 September 30 October 31
December 16 December 16 October 14 November 15
December 31 December 31 October 30 November 28
November 13 December 13
November 30 December 30
December 15
December 31

Health and Human Services
The Health and Human Services Department Supervisor produces the minutes for the Board of Health and Human Services, which is the Yuma County Commissioners.

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Many actions of the Board of County Commissioners are done through a resolution format. Resolutions are approved by board motion and noted in the minutes. Resolutions are enacted by the BOCC and are available for viewing at the Administrative Office, Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm.

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Starting in September of each year, the Commissioners start the budget process for the following year. The Commissioners set and approve the budgets for all county departments and funds. Yuma County Commissioners must approve the budget in December with a certified copy of the adopted budget to the State Division of Local Governments by January 30th.

2006 Budget

2007 Budget

2008 Budget

2009 Budget

2010 Budget

2011 Budget

2012 Budget

2013 Budget

2014 Budget

2015 Budget

2016 Budget

2017 Budget

2018 Budget

2008 Audit

2009 Audit

2010 Audit

2011 Audit

2012 Audit

2013 Audit

2014 Audit

2015 Audit

2016 Audit

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The Board of County Commissioners approve permits for the following: Return to Top

Appointed Boards

Approximately 50 board appointments are made by the Yuma County Commissioners. As the board appointments expire the positions will be listed in the papers and on this web site. Individuals may request to serve on the open board positions by contacting the Administration office according to the open board notice.

The Yuma County Commissioners appoint one or more board members to:
  • Yuma County Planning Commission
  • Fair Board
  • Eckley Cemetery District Board
  • Kirk Cemetery District Board
  • East Yuma County Cemetery District Board
  • West Yuma County Cemetery District Board
  • Weed and Pest Control District Board
  • Yuma County Economic Development Board
  • W-Y Authority Board
  • W-Y Combined Communications Board
  • Northeast Colorado Bookmobile
  • Revolving Loan Fund
  • Child Protection Team
  • Adult Protection Team
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Fees for Documents

Documents within the Administrative Office are considered public record. Copies of documents can be requested by contacting the administrative office. Copies of documents with the Clerk's recording information are $.25 per page. If the item needs to be certified an additional charge of $1.00 will be added.

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New Addresses

Contact the Land Use Administrator (970-332-0930) for new addresses.

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