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Since 1915, Yuma County has gained the reputation over a wide area as having one of the finest County Fairs. One answer can be given for this success and that is the spirit of close cooperation, participation, volunteerism and pride. The Yuma County Fair provides our county with an opportunity to unite and share in the fruits of our labor, our friendship and our community.

From the competition to the grandstand shows; the rodeo to the parade -- let us remember that we are one county. We are neighbors, friends, teachers, clergymen, doctors, farmers, ranchers and business persons who strive to continue the excellence in Yuma County. Yuma County can be proud of its people and accomplishments! Let's enjoy these days of fellowship, friendly competition and fun!

Yuma County Board of Commissioners
Dean WingfieldRobin WileyTrent Bushner

Yuma County Fair Board
Jed GleghornDave BlachHarold Blackham
Darcy StallingsKim LatoskiBJ Mekelburg
Kevin NebMicah SeylorRobin Schneider

Yuma County Fair Manager
Kim Latoski

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Tickets for 2018 Grandstand Show

View the grandstand seating layout here.


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2017 Royalty
Ashleigh Hendrix, Queen
Grace Merritt, Lady in Waiting

2016 Royalty
Morgan Kock, Queen
Ashleigh Hendrix, Lady in Waiting

2015 Royalty
Makala Combs, Queen
Morgan Kock, Lady in waiting

2014 Royalty
Makayla Spitz, Queen
Makala Combs, Lady in waiting

2013 Royalty
Taylor Miller, Queen
Makayla Spitz, Lady in waiting

2012 Royalty
Sara Brandner, Queen
Taylor Miller, Lady in waiting

2011 Royalty
Jori Archer, Queen
Sara Brandner, Lady in Waiting

2010 Royalty
Kaitlyn Doke, Queen
Jori Archer, Lady in Waiting

2009 Royalty
Emily Pletcher, Queen
Kaytlyn Doke, Lady in Waiting

2008 Royalty
Hannah Fernandez, Queen
Emily Pletcher, Lady in Waiting

2007 Royalty
Kaci Brandner, Queen
Hannah Fernandez, Lady in Waiting

2006 Royalty
Amanda Wiltfang - Queen
Kaci Brandner - Lady in Waiting

2005 Royalty
Tiffany Minton - Queen
Amanda Wiltfang - Lady in Waiting

The Yuma County Fair Queen and Lady In Waiting are selected at the Yuma County Fair. This event is sponsored by the Yuma County Fair Board and the Yuma County Cattleman's Association.

Only one horse may be used during the tryout. The Lady in Waiting will be judged 40% on horsemanship with 20% on required 1 to 2 minute impromptu speech. 4-H Horse Rules will be used in judging the horsemanship part of the contest. Poise and personality will be 40% of the contest. There will be a panel of judges making the final decision. She must be at least 15 years of age, but no older than 20 years on contest day. She must also be a resident of Yuma County. She will be unmarried, having never been married or a single parent. If the Queen or Lady in Waiting becomes married during her reign she will relinquish her crown and the alternate will move up. If a girl should have to give up her crown she is expected to return all financial assistance and gifts she has received. She must have access to a horse and appropriate tack. Blue jeans, western long sleeved white shirt and hat are required during the Horsemanship tryouts.

The Queen and Lady in Waiting will be representing Yuma County and are expected to attain high moral conduct at all times, being ladies and examples for Yuma County. The Queen committee serves as sponsors for the Queen and Lady in Waiting. There are general duties of the queen and lady in waiting along with attending required events. A limited funding source is available to assist with expenses, under the guidance of the Queen Committee. Contact the Yuma County Extension Office for the most current fair book for additional information relating to the Fair Queen and Lady in Waiting.

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Parade Information

2017 Theme: It's Just Not All About Cows and Plows

Parade Registration

Entries are open to Yuma County and trade area residents. The Fair Parade Committee is requiring all entries (except horses and children's division), who wish to be judged for a prize or trophy, to pre-register. Prize money will be awarded to the winners. Checks written for prize monies will be VOIDED after 90 days.

The categories are as follows:
  • ADULT GROUP: (Must pre-register) civic clubs, church and social groups and individuals.
        First Prize: $200.00
        Second Prize: $150.00
        Third Prize: $100.00

  • YOUTH GROUP: (Must pre-register) 4-H, FHA, FFA, church groups, Scouts, other youth organizations and individuals.
        First Prize: $200.00
        Second Prize: $150.00
        Third Prize: $100.00

  • COMMERCIAL GROUP: Must pre-register.
        First Prize: $200.00
        Second Prize: $150.00
        Third Prize: $100.00

  • SWEEPSTAKES: Will be selected from all floats entered. (The float winning the SWEAPSTAKES will forfeit original prize money.)
    Prize is $250.00.

  • CHILDREN'S DIVISION: (ages 2-10, on foot, tricycles, bicycles and battery operated vehicles)
        First Prize: $50.00
        Second Prize: $35.00
        Third Prize: $25.00

  • HORSE DIVISION: Unload in football field parking lot or on 10th and Ash. Gather at the south end of Main Street by the Yuma High School fountain. Horses and teams with wagons or carriages. ALL TEAMS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED WITH WALKERS.
        First Prize: $50.00

  • POLITICAL AND ANTIQUE CAR DIVISION: Gather on 9th Avenue between Albany and Buffalo Street.

All floats will be judged prior to the parade at 9:00 a.m. If you wish to be considered for a cash prize you must be in line and ready to be judged at 9:00 a.m. and pre-registered completing and turning in the application or calling Penni at the Yuma District Hospital or Treia at the Yuma 4-H Food Booth.

Questions may be referred to the Fair Parade Committee:
Penni Danner 630-0368, Robin Brown 848-2591, Treia Means 630-4676, Kristen Lund 630-2891, Chris Leth 630-1273, Linda Durland 630-3628, and Makenna Lund 630-5685, Windy Muirheid 630-1044, Missy Redden 630-2944, and Brett Redden 630-9323

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Event Information

    General Information   |   Junior Livestock   |   Educational Booths   |   Vendor Booths

General Information
The Yuma County Fair contains many contests such as showmanship, Feeding, and Carcass. There are many youth and adult categories for entering livestock and home economics project exhibits. The 2017 Fair Book contains all information relating to the Yuma County Fair.

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Sale Order - Rabbits, Poultry, Dairy, Swine, Goats, Beef, Sheep
  1. The sale will start at 7:00 p.m. Monday in the hog and sheep showing.
  2. Sale Order:
    1. Grand Champion Market Animal
    2. Reserve Grand Champion Market Animal
    3. Grand Champion Feeding Contest
    4. Reserve Grand Champion Feeding Contest
    5. Heavy, Medium and Light Weight Division Champions
    6. Heavy, Medium and Light Weight Division Reserve Champions
    7. Champion Market Heifer (beef only)
    8. Reserve Champion Market Heifer (beef only)
    9. Champion Showmanship
    10. Reserve Champion Showmanship
    11. First place class winners
      The Fair Management will establish the sale order of the fair.
  3. The number of livestock in the sale per individual will be limited to one entry. Species include poultry, rabbits, beef, sheep, swine, goat, and dairy heifer. Dairy heifer should be a heavy springer (showing udder development or lactating).
  4. No livestock will be sold that is not shown in one of the market classes, except for dairy.
A Buyer's Guide To Yuma County Fair Junior Livestock Auction
The Yuma County Fair Junior Livestock Auction provides a market for the livestock projects shown during the fair. The Junior members and the Yuma County Fair Board wish to recognize and thank past year's buyers. They also wish to thank Ranchland Livestock Auction and the many other individuals who generously contribute to the yearly success of this event.

We invite your participation in the sale. If you have any questions or need assistance, the sale crew and superintendents will be glad to help you.

General Sale Information:
All animals, even though sold, shall remain the responsibility of the junior exhibitor until a marketable carcass is hung or buyer takes possession.

A Base Price Value has been established for each animal by either a live bid submitted from a packer or through an ESTIMATED, current, market value as deemed equitable by the Yuma County Fair Board.

Each animal sold and going to a packing plant will stand on its own merit as established by grading and health standards at that packing plant.

How to Buy an Animal
Animals will be sold on a total dollars per head basis.
Bidding will begin at the Base Price Value shown on the sale sheets for each animal.
Animals consigned to the auction may be handled in one of two ways:
  1. The buyer elects to pay the difference between the Base Price Value and top bid. The buyer pays only this amount. The exhibitor will retain animal ownership.
  2. The buyer who purchases animals for personal or business use will simply pay the total amount bid at the auction. The Fair Board will coordinate delivery of the buyers' animals to the packer of choice.
Buyers: Please make settlement at the Fair Office after the sale.
Consignors: Please check at the Fair office following the sale to determine the final destination of your sale animal. All market animals going through the auction will be shipped to commercial slaughter unless other instructions are given by the buyer or exhibitors at the Fair office by Monday noon.

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Educational Booths and Displays
Groups and organizations are encouraged to exhibit at the Yuma County Fair. Space is available for educational and/or accomplishment displays to any Yuma County organization. If group is large and a significant amount of space is needed, please contact the Fair Manager Kim Latoski at (970) 630-1615, a member of the Fair Board or the Extension Office.

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Vendor Booths
For vendor booth information during the fair, contact the Fair Manager Kim Latoski at 970-630-1615 between 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

2017 Booth Rental Agreement

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Horse Race Rules

Superintendent: Jim Pagel at (970) 630-2680

All purses and added entry fee will be divided between top three finishers on a 50, 30 and 20 percent basis. All judges' and superintendent's decisions are final and no appeal from these decisions can be made.

Official photos will become property of the management to be used by judges only. Entries will be taken from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. the evening preceding the race. No horse will be allowed to run with less than 110 lbs. weight in any race longer than 440 yards. No entrance fees will be refunded on scratches under any circumstances. Four horses must enter and three run to make a race. Each horse must run under colors. Racing superintendent reserves the right to change any race to accommodate the horses available. Superintendent will schedule the races for each day and announce purses and entry fees at time of entering horses for the races.

Horse Racing Flyer

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Key Fair Operations Contacts:
Kim Latoski970-630-1615 between 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.Fair Manager
Bud Wood970-630-0684Fair Grounds Caretaker
Jed Gleghorn970-630-6727Rodeo Manager
Jim Pagel970-848-5240Horse Racing
Penni Danner970-630-0638Parade Manager

General Information:
Golden Plains Extension Office970-332-41514-H and Event Information
Yuma County Administration970-332-5796Ticket Order and General Information

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Event Calendar

Download the Yuma County Fair Book 2017.

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