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Commissioners - The Yuma County Commissioners manage the business affairs of the county, which includes apportioning and levying taxes, overseeing the Road and Bridge Department, Social Services Department, and Administration Department. The Commissioners are responsible for approving the budgets of the other elected official's departments. Each of the Commissioners sits on various operating and advisory boards as representatives of Yuma County.

Land Use - The Yuma County Land Use Department reviews and holds public hearings for:
  • New businesses and/or activities that change the use of the land.
  • Subdivisions
  • Cluster Subdivisions
  • Divisions of property that are thirty-five acres or less.
  • Designing and construction of a public road
  • Vacating public roadways
Yuma County is to be notified of all new construction within Yuma County. This includes homes, garages, farm buildings, grain bins, or other types of structures that would have a taxable value. Three types of permits are issued through the Yuma County Land Use Department:
  • An Administrative permit
  • Minor Land Use permit
  • Major Land Use permit
Clerk and Recorder - The Clerk and Recorder's Office is responsible for issuing and recording marriage licenses, recording all real estate transactions, issuing liquor licenses, registering voters, conducting all primary general and county elections and, when contracted, municipal, school district and special district elections. The Clerk and Recorder's Office also operates the Motor Vehicle Divisions titling vehicles and issuing license plates and the Driver's License Department for issuing driving permits and licenses.

Treasurer - The County Treasurer is responsible for mailing Property Tax Statements to the owner of record, collecting property taxes, and disbursing taxes to the taxing authorities (school districts, cities/towns, the county, special districts, etc.). Other duties of the Treasurer include receiving all monies sent to Yuma County, maintaining correct and proper accounting of all monies, disbursing monies for obligations of the county on the orders of the Board of County Commissioners, and investing all monies until they are needed.

Assessor - The County Assessor is responsible for valuing all real and personal property, including mobile homes, residential and commercial properties and agricultural land for property tax purposes. The Assessor determines the equitable value of property to ensure that each taxpayer pays only his or her fair share of the taxes.

Road & Bridge - The Road and Bridge Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of those roadway and drainage structure assets sustained through the direct and indirect efforts of Yuma County.

County Fair - Yuma County has gained the reputation over a wide area as having one of the finest County Fairs. One answer can be given for this success and that is the spirit of close cooperation, participation, volunteerism and pride. The Yuma County Fair provides our county with an opportunity to unite and share in the fruits of our labor, our friendship and our community.

Landfill - Yuma County Sanitary Landfill Rates and Dumping Requirements.

Additional Departments - Alphabetical list of contact information and links to other county related departments.

County Employees - Providing links to resources and information for the County Employee. Such as the Yuma County Handbook, Payable and Payroll Deadlines, and links to Benefit information.

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