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Yuma County Land Use
310 Ash, Suite J
Wray, CO 80758
Mon. - Fri.
8:00am - 4:30pm
Phone: 970-332-0930
Fax: 970-332-3411

Protect Quality of Life
To provide for protection of the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of the County and to protect the environment.

Provide for Orderly Development of the County
To provide for balanced, orderly growth patterns and to provide efficient, phased government services to accommodate existing and future residents.

Preserve Property Values
To preserve and promote the value of property, to protect the tax base of the County and to respect the property rights of citizens.

Protect and Enhance Agriculture
To protect and enhance agricultural uses and the rural characteristics of the County.

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Types of Permits

A land use permit is required for land use changes. (Section 2-101)


Administrative Land Use Permits
  • Construction of a second or third dwelling unit on a single parcel of land
    thirty five (35) acres in size or larger
  • Lot line adjustments
  • Extension or Enlargement of a Non-Residential Structure
  • Lot Mergers
  • Correction of Plat
Minor Land Use Permits
  • Exempt Divisions of land into four parcels or less
  • Roads and Excavations
  • Cluster Subdivisions
  • Subdivision Plat Vacation
  • Subdivision Final Plat
  • Roadway Vacation
Major Land Use Permits
All Land Use Changes that are not listed under Administrative Land Use Permits or Minor Land Use Permits require a Major Land Use Permit.

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Application Process (Article 4)

Applications vary according to the type of permit. See the Yuma County Land Use Code for the specific type of permit you need.

You must submit one original application. Thirteen additional copies will be needed for the Board of County Commissioners, the Planning Commission and staff. The applicant can provide all of the required copies but the administrator needs to review the original application prior to the copies being made. A charge of 50 cents per page will be charged when the Administration office makes copies of the application.

Pre-Application Meeting:
Any person contemplating a Land Use Change shall first schedule a pre-application meeting with the Administrator to discuss the proposed Land Use Change. Determination of the type of land use permit will be made. The application will be dated when determined complete and all time frames within this Code pertaining to review of the application shall be based on the completeness date.

Application Fee:
Type of PermitBasic FeeDeposit
Activity Notice$20.00None
Minor Land Use Fee$75.00$125.00
Major Land Use Fee$75.00$200.00

The basic fee and deposit are to be submitted with the application. The basic fee will be retained by Yuma County.

The deposit will be used to cover additional expenses, which may include, but is not limited to: advertising, copies, mailings, recording of documents, facility rental for hearings, fees to retain attorneys, engineering specialists, and other professional consultants with the expertise to review and advise the county on the permit application.

Special circumstances may cause additional staff time to process the permit. An additional $20.00 per hour will be assessed. The Yuma County Administrator will notify the applicant in advance of retaining outside consultants or the need for additional use of staff time.

If the entire deposit is used in processing the application, the administrator may request additional deposit funds. Any unused portion of the deposit will be returned to the applicant, along with an accounting of the deposit amount used.

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Review Process

The process varies according to the type of permit. See the Yuma County Land Use Code for your specific type of permit request.

  1. Evaluation of Application by Administrator
  2. Review by Referral Agencies: The Administrator may send copies of the application to any referral agencies and consultants deemed necessary by the County.
  3. Notification to adjacent property owners and mineral holders: The County shall notify property owners and mineral rights holders within five hundred (500) feet of the boundaries of the parcel where the development will occur by sending a written notice describing the proposed Land Use Change and setting forth the time, date and place of the Planning Commission meeting/hearing and the Commissioners hearing.
  4. Review and recommendation by Planning Commission: Some permit types require a hearing before the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall recommend to the Board of County Commissioners: approval, approval with conditions, or denial of the application for a Minor Land Use Permit, based on the applicable standards and criteria in Article 5, Standards and Criteria.
  5. Public hearing by Board of County Commissioners: The Board of County Commissioners shall hold a public hearing to consider the application for a Minor Land Use Permit and shall hear evidence regarding compliance with the standards and criteria before taking an action on the application.
    • Approval: The application for a Minor Land Use Permit may be approved if the application satisfies all of the relevant standards and criteria contained in Yuma County Land Use Code Article 5, Standards and Criteria.
    • Conditional Approval: The application for a Minor Land Use Permit may be approved with conditions, if conditions are necessary to ensure compliance with this Code.
    • Denial: The application shall be denied if the application does not satisfy all of the relevant standards and criteria contained in Yuma County Land Use Code Article 5, Standards and Criteria.
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Activity Notice Form: Tracks the Growth impacts to the County

Land Use Development Permit

Administrative Land Use Permit

Exemption from the Definition of Subdivision: Activity Resulting in a division of property containing 35 acres or less

Request for an Exemption from Land Use Permit - Home Occupations

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Land Use Documents

Contact List: Helpful Contacts when Submitting a Yuma County Permit or Application

Yuma County Land Use Code

Comprehensive Plan

Yuma County Planning Commission Bylaws

Onsite Wastewater System

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am going to divide 34 acres from 80 acres for the purpose of selling the smaller parcel of land as a future home site. Do I need to go through the Yuma County Land Use Process?
Yes. The State of Colorado requires all divisions of property containing less than 35 acres to go through a subdivision process. If a water well is on the property or you will be drilling a water well you need to have an "Exemption from the Definition of Subdivision". This will be required by the State Water Engineer prior to you receiving a drilling permit from the State. (See Section 3-102 B1, page 9 and 10 of the Code)

I am going to construct a new home and garage. Is there anything I need to do relating to the County Land Use?
Yes. An Activity Notice needs to be filled out for any building constructed, this includes but not limited to a home, garage, barn, equipment building, grain bins, and meteorological towers. Any physical structure that has a value assessed by the Yuma County Assessor or State Assessed requires an Activity Notice. We give this form to the Yuma County Assessor for the purpose of having the new development added to the tax rolls at the appropriate time. (See Section 2-102 A 1, Page 5 of the Code.)

I am going to start a business out of my home. Do I need a permit?
Home occupations are allowed with no permitting process if they meet the minimum standards that apply to exempt home occupations. (See Home Occupations section 2-102 C, Page 5 of the Code.)

I want to expand my current 1000 head feedlot to hold 1800 head of livestock. Do I need a permit for an expansion like this?
Yes, a Major Land Use Permit is required. Expansion of a concentrated animal feeding operation or livestock confinement facility that increases the capacity of the facility by more than 33% or 5,000 head, whichever is less, over the existing capacity as of July 1, 2003, shall require a Land Use Permit. (See Agricultural Structures and Activities Section 2-102 B, page 5 of the Code)

My company needs a gas compressor for the new gas wells they are putting into operations. Is a permit required? No septic system or water well will be needed.
Unless otherwise exempt pursuant to Section 2-102 of this Code, any Land Use Change shall require a Land Use Permit. A Land Use Change is defined as any development, grading, construction, activity or operation that changes the basic character, configuration, or use of land or structures after the enactment of this Land Use Code. (See Land Use Permits Section 2-101 A, page 5 of the Code)

How long does it take to go through the Land Use process?
One month is the shortest amount of time it will take to process an application. Contact the Administrator for your specific request because the time depends of many factors, which is not limited to but includes the following:
  • Acceptance of the complete application.
  • The type of permit being requested.
  • Review of the application by the Administrator (30 days allowed.).
  • Review of the application by other agencies and municipalities. (30 days and can be extended.)
  • Required notification by letter to adjacent landowners and mineral interests.
  • When the application is received in relation to scheduled meetings by the Planning Commission and the Yuma County Commissioners. Hearing notices are published according to Land Use Code guidelines and vary according to the type of permit being requested.
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New Addresses

Contact the Land Use Administrator for new addresses. Measurements from the nearest west or south section line to the centerline of the access road will be required prior to issuing an address.

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