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15738 County Road 34
Eckley, CO 80727
Mon. - Fri. 8am - 4pm
Sat. 8am - 11:30am
Closed Holidays

Phone: 970-359-2467
Fax: 970-359-2441
2 miles west of Eckley, 3 miles south, and 3/4 east



Mini-Pickup box level$10.00 or $12.50 over 750 lbs
Full Size Pickup box $12.50 or $15.00 over 1500 lbs
Farm Truck box level 34" sides$35.00 or $22.50 per ton over 1.5 ton
Double Axle Farm Truck box level 48" sides$70.00 or $22.50 per ton over 3 ton
Semi-Truck$140.00 or $22.50 per ton over 6 ton
15 yard Roll-off$35.00 or $22.50 per ton over 1.5 ton
30 yard Roll-off$140.00 or $22.50 per ton over 6 ton
8 ft. flatbed Trailers$22.50 or $22.50 per ton over 1 ton
10 and 12 ft. flatbed Trailers$26.50 or $22.50 per ton over 1.5 ton
14 $16 ft. flatbed Trailers$35.00 or $22.50 per ton over 1.5 ton
18 and 20 ft. flatbed Trailers$35.00 or $22.50 per ton over 1.5 ton
24 ft. and above flatbed Trailers$70.00 or $22.50 per ton over 3 ton
All Items not listed$22.50 per ton
Compactor Trucks$22.50 per ton
Ag Bag$45.00 per ton
Separated Cement Loads/Cement OnlyFree
Separated Metal Loads/Metal OnlyFree
Appliances (Freon Free)$5.00
Pull-off Charge$75.00
ELEC. TVs - $15.00
Automobile tires up to 16"$4.00 each; Double with wheel
Truck tires 17" to 24.5"$7.50 each
Super Single Truck and Recap Truck Pivot Irr.$15.00 each
Tractor tire up through 18.4"$30.00 each
*$60.00- larger tractor tire and small loader tires *Larger Tractor/Smaller Loader Tire Size
Grader Tires$30.00 1400-24
$60.00 17.5-25
**$140.00-larger loader tires**Large Loader-Tractor Tire Sizes
Super single truck tire $12.50
***Pivot Irr. $15.00***Pivot Irr./Tru. recap with Tra.Treads


We request that metal be sorted from trash. (It is hard on tires.) We also have separate locations for cement, construction wood, and trees, in order to reduce waste volume and Equipment damage.

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We accept at the landfill the following items for recycling: cardboard, newspaper, magazines, metal, and auto batteries.

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Special Handling

We are not able to accept liquids in any form. No hazardous materials. Suggestions for paint, dry it out on carpet. Herbicide containers must be triple rinsed. No oil or petroleum distillates can be accepted. For other special materials, call us. We probably have an answer. Plastic PVC Pipe must be in 5ft lengths or shorter. Poly tanks must be in 4ft lengths. Ag bags or like material, such as silage covers are $30 per ton or double fee for truck loads.

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All out of County trash will be charged DOUBLE!

All unsorted loads will be charged DOUBLE!

All Uncovered loads will be charged DOUBLE!

For better service on windy, rainy and muddy days, please CALL FIRST!

No salvaging allowed.

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